PowerVEG T5 2′ Multi-Color Pack (pack of 24, assorted)


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EYE HORTILUX® PowerVEG T5 Colors provide nanometer-specific spectrums to further enhance the vegetative and flowering growth cycles. PowerVEG Colors promote structurally sound plants ready for transition to HID where bigger and better yields and greater overall production will be seen. This pack includes four different PowerVEG colors. PowerVEG 420 provides a spectrum that is crucial for plant growth during the vegetation cycle, focusing all spectral energy at 420 nanometers. The PowerVEG 460 Fluorescent grow light helps bridge the gap between the vegetative and flowering stages. With the PowerVEG 460, plants’ responses are at their fullest at all times, leading to stronger root growth, compact plants, and extremely short internodal spacing. The PowerVEG 633 promotes vertical plant growth and expands leaf size, producing a red spectral light that prepares your plants for fruiting and flowering. The PowerVEG 660 produces a red light spectrum that enhances the flowering stage for plants and is essential for triggering fruiting and flowering.

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Dimensions24 × 5 × 3 in


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