Phantom Gen 2 DE Open Lighting System, 1000W, 120/240V


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This system is a great value! Already fully assembled, it combines a Phantom 40 Series 1000W 120/240V ballast (PHB4010) with a Phantom Open reflector, Digilux 1000W DE HPS lamp, 15′ Lock & Seal lamp cord, and mounting hardware. 

The PHB4010 ballast’s high-frequency design is optimized for double-ended 1000W HPS lamps, and features a highly precise microprocessor and four-way output control. It is totally silent, efficient and lightweight. It is also fully compatible with the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller (APDPX1). 

The Phantom Open Reflector (item PHRSW010) delivers focused light and effectively dissipates heat while operating the DE lamp at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life. 

The system includes a Digilux 1000W HPS DE lamp, which features a warm color temperature of 2000K and a PAR rating of 2100 μmol/s.

PHB4010 Ballast features:

  • High-precision microprocessor control
  • Four-way dimming: 60%, 75%, 100%, and Super Boost (1150W lamp output)
  • USB interface provides full compatibility with Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller
  • Robust commercial design
  • Superior reliability
  • LED status indicator
  • Internal RF shielding
  • Patented ignition control
  • End of lamp life signal
  • Auto-restrike feature protects valuable lamps from damaging power interruptions
  • Cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation
  • Suitable for use in damp locations
  • Features an IEC power connection and comes with an 8′ 120V 16/3 AWG power cord 
  • FCC-compliant

PHRW010 Open Reflector features:

  • Double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity
  • Open design for maximum light output, optimum heat management, and longer lamp life
  • Highly efficient in overlapping multi-light configurations
  • Premium aluminum European Hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
  • Vossloh-Schwabe K12 x 30s high temperature lamp holders 

DX1000DE lamp features:

  • 2000K color temperature
  • 2100 umol/s PAR rating
  • 140,000 initial lumens
  • 10,000-hour rated life

We recommend that when you replace your lamps, you also replace your reflectors at the same time. This will restore reflector performance—and thus system performance—to like-new quality.

Weight18.35 lbs
Dimensions19.75 × 18.35 × 12 in


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