Heavy 16 Veg A+B – 23L


This nutrient additive was created as a stand-alone base nutrient that can grow an outstanding crop with no other additions. Designed in the dutch two part style for ease of use. The ultimate function of this product is to create crops with larger vascular systems and stronger structural integrity to ward off pests and support heavy fruit loads.


Our Base nutrients represent the mission here at Field 16. From day one, we have been all about our Base. That’s why we started by solely focusing on Veg and Bud. To us, additives should complement a finely tuned Base that has been honed by years of data, and founded on a balance between farming wisdom, proprietary ingredients, and agricultural technology. We have sourced some of the world’s most precious derivatives and we only add the finest virgin and food grade minerals to ensure optimum cascading availability as your reservoir/media pH rise naturally. We pride ourselves in having created a stand-alone base nutrient that in its simplest form can grow an outstanding crop of unsurpassed quality with no other additions. Our Veg and Bud were designed in the Dutch two-part style for ease of use and its ability to harness complex blends. We also believe in a professional approach to nutrient systems, so we bypassed the third bottle or thick glue-like chelating agents. Lastly, as plant scientists we believed that vegetative/leaf crops required a completely different nutritional composition than fruiting/flowering crops, hence Heavy 16 Veg and Bud.

Heavy 16 – VEG A & B

The Heavy 16 Veg A & B formula embodies years of plant production experience and nutrient chemistry. Its ultimate function is to begin the process of achieving bulletproof crops with larger vascular systems and structural integrity to ward off pests and support Heavy fruit loads in the bloom cycle. Understand the fact that both under and over-fertilization are detrimental to your plants (and microbes) even when the visual appearance is good. Heavy 16’s chemistry helps to eliminate these imbalances and create a platform to get creative but stay buffered. With non-diverse, non-balanced and non-buffered nutrients this is a major concern, and often misunderstood when things look great right before your plants get crushed by fungus, pests, heat, or larger additive and hormone dosages later in the bloom cycle. For rapidly growing crops, now achievable through superior horticultural equipment, this will only compound this law of plant science. Heavy 16’s balanced and diverse vegetative nutrients address intense cropping systems collectively with cellular structure and tissue integrity at the core of what we are talking about. Think of plant cells and tissue at the molecular level in leaves, shoots and roots. Now think of the microscopic holes that will happen when minerals are unavailable in the building process. A simple analogy is that if you keep pouring cement but run out of re-bar, you still pour cement, but that’s the point that will crack first. The plant can still grow and look great to the naked eye without correct levels of key essential elements, but there will be weak points leaving the door wide open for the usual suspects to exploit your plants energy. Now add thousands of watts of light input, CO2 at three times ambient, and you get the point that availability in proper ratios through balance and diversity is key in today’s most intense growrooms and greenhouses.

From our standpoint, it’s all about the Veg, and Heavy 16 Veg A & B is formulated to prove we practice what we preach. Simply put, you want to build beautiful, strong, well-integrated plants with large root mass in the Veg so they can take the abuse when you really hammer them in the flowering phase. This makes it imperative that you use Heavy 16 Veg A&B from day one on crop material and mother stock to ensure integrity starts from the beginning.

Core Ingredients For Achieving This Balance Include

  • Cascading delivery of both organic and mineral Calcium and micronutrients
  • Natural and superior chelation through our high-lignin fulvic acid
  • Exotic trace mineral suite allowing another level of enzyme integrity
  • Three forms of Nitrogen for availability and pH regulation