Heavy 16 Roots – 500ml


A multi-function additive that acts as a root protector, root promoter, antiprecipitate, and drop cleaner all in one.


Heavy 16 Roots enhancer is a rooting stimulant made with a unique mixture of hormones and nutrients to promote vigorous and robust roots systems for maximum nutrient uptake. Use Heavy 16 Roots as a replacement for Rootbastic and Roots Excelurator. Heavy 16 Roots is crafted to run optimally with Heavy 16 premium base nutrients and select additives, but can be incorporated into any existing plant nutrient program to take the place of all your current roots enhancing products!

Heavy 16 Roots is derived From: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Polyphosphate Heavy Roots is a revolutionary new additive designed to enhance the rhizosphere on all levels. As always, we have packed multiple functions into one bottle while keeping things simple and free from any yield or quality depleting hormones. With this philosophy in mind, we created a root promoter, root protector, drip cleaner, and an antiprecipitate all in one. Heavy Roots can be used from the cloning phase continuously until the last week before harvest. You simply add Heavy Roots first to your reservoir at 1mL per gallon followed by your normal additive and nutrient regimen to reap the benefits of this cutting edge chemistry.

As a root promoter, Heavy Roots will increase branching of lateral roots, but more importantly, it will significantly increase the quantity and size of the true absorption zone, the root hair. Mostly seen as fluffy white zones of healthy root mass, the root hair is only one cell thick and spawns only from the zone of maturation. Root hairs are very fragile, yet they supply the tremendous surface area needed to absorb significant amounts of water and nutrition. As more root hairs spawn, your plants are ensured a faster, more integrated rate of development. Faster plant development protects against production mishaps like missed irrigations, while increasing the rate of maturity. As a root protector, Heavy Roots will elicit naturally induced resistances, or specifically, give the plant a complex layer of systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Tapping the plants evolutionary predisposition to ward off pestilence, we promote these hidden genetic gems through extremely fine derivatives. The result is that the plant becomes more resilient against fungal pathogens as well as insects. The morphological changes are seen in larger shoot diameters, larger leaf surfaces, and darker colors, all of which contributing to significant yield gaining potential while protecting the plant. As an added bonus, we incorporate other pathogen suppressing nutrients to maintain optimum root health while also having the power to disinfect unhealthy root material.

As a drip cleaner and anti-precipitate, Heavy Roots, through its outstanding composition of natural ingredients, will protect against lockout caused by poor water or base nutrients, exotic nutritional programs or faulty mixing methodologies. Heavy Roots will also keep your equipment and media free from salt buildup and scale. Your best practice is to add Heavy Roots first to the reservoir to allow the chemistry to “open” the water. Heavy Roots will prevent the formation of insoluble or unavailable precipitates when mixing with “hard” water and will keep Calcium from becoming a limiting factor. When used with pure filtered water, Heavy Roots allows for a whole new level of availability, plus the ability to mix nutrients that normally would precipitate and fall out of solution.