Heavy 16 Foliar – 4L


Heavy 16 Professional Foliar Nutrient is designed to mitigate stress and fortify your plants. Brings peace of mind when dealing with stress and provide your plants with 4 forms of calcium along with a dusting of micronutrients. Is also compatible with most hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and wetting agents to achieve maxium effciency and stress reduction when spray intervals are concerned.

In our quest to provide the highest grade products with superior efficacy to our growers, Heavy 16’s Professional Foliar Nutrient (PFN) is hands down The Illustration of that mission, with full spectrum plant nutrition and protection being the core of that statement. This revolutionary blend is “so far beyond” in its effects on plant metabolic rates and tissue integrity that our growers have eliminated a long list of reoccurring issues that other nutrient programs just cannot address. That is because in the engineering of this product we took the view of = evolutionary biologists believing that all terrestrial plants came from an original aquatic environment. This approach has allowed for a deeper understanding of plant energy transfers and biochemical needs.

When sprayed on the foliage of your crop, PFN’s net neutral chemistry is easily absorbed into the negatively charged foliage helping to immediately strengthen the canopy on its eventual journey to the roots. As the carbon based concentration and mineral nutrition moves throughout the plants vascular system, the result is more elastic tissue, more adaptive membranes, and a heightened photosynthetic harvest rate (>1000%). The amount of quality Calcium in PFN is key to this elasticity and structure as it provides a perfect bridge between phospholipids, glycolipids, and proteins in the cell membrane. The other nutritional effect on making your plants bulletproof with PFN is the enzyme complexity and integrity being achieved through correct ratios of micronutrients as well as exotic trace minerals. This allows for all catalytic processes to function through stress that would normally turn a plant into mush(i.e. 1450 F greenhouses in summer heat). The carbohydrate base of PFN is eventually deposited in the roots to create a net gain of usable energy and fodder for the plants respirational needs.

In summary, Heavy 16’s Professional Foliar Nutrient is designed with three main functions that have a symbiotic and cascading effect that ultimately leads to pure genetic expression and the highest yields possible. These three functions are:

1. Increasing the biochemical rate of photosynthesis through correct concentrations of select dichotomous plant based carbohydrates or what we call “Pre-Formed Photosynthates”. The result of this influx of carbon based molecules ultimately aids the plants ability to make and store its own necessary carbon and energy, i.e. the variables of a high quality yield.

2. Extreme environmental plant protection from excessive cold in fresh spring plantings and mature fall crops (-130 F) to extreme greenhouse and grow room heat (+1450 F) during growth cycles due to equipment failures. Full stress inhibition can be seen within one hour of use, making our product a magic bullet for freeze damage when quick decisions need to be made and/or a whole harvest is on the line. A healthy regiment of spraying every one to two weeks in a fine mist will provide a constant level of protection. The more you spray, the more protection and concentration of plant based energy and Calcium/Micronutrient nutrition you will provide (i.e. it’s ok to spray every other day if need be). We also advocate using PFN before perceived stressful events, i.e. spraying mother plants before taking cuttings, before transplanting, before transition periods, and before nights of freezing temperatures or extreme daytime heat.

3. Synergizing and providing a single spray pass made by the grower, as the neutral based chemistry can be combined with any foliar applied plant hormones, compost/biological teas, pest control products, organic oils, any surfactant product, sulfur/fungicide, etc. Also, because of this organic “oily” base, PFN can be an effective tool in providing a contact kill mechanism against soft bodied insects.