Heavy 16 Bud A+B – 23L


The bud line formula was designed as an additive that requires as little water as possible to mix with it. This is so that the plant may go under stress toward the end of the season and generate a better final product.


Our Base nutrients represent the mission here at Field 16. From day one, we have been all about our Base. That’s why we started by solely focusing on Veg and Bud. To us, additives should complement a finely tuned Base that has been honed by years of data, and founded on a balance between farming wisdom, proprietary ingredients, and agricultural technology. We have sourced some of the world’s most precious derivatives and we only add the finest virgin and food grade minerals to ensure optimum cascading availability as your reservoir/media pH rise naturally. We pride ourselves in having created a stand-alone base nutrient that in its simplest form can grow an outstanding crop of unsurpassed quality with no other additions. Our Veg and Bud were designed in the Dutch two-part style for ease of use and its ability to harness complex blends. We also believe in a professional approach to nutrient systems, so we bypassed the third bottle or thick glue-like chelating agents. Lastly, as plant scientists we believed that vegetative/leaf crops required a completely different nutritional composition than fruiting/flowering crops, hence Heavy 16 Veg and Bud.

Heavy 16 – BUD A & B

Heavy 16 Bud A & B is the highest grade bloom nutrient on the Planet. It’s a bold statement, but years of controlled trials and positive customer feedback affirm that claim. It is no wonder to us why every grower we change over to Heavy 16 Bud never goes back to the base bloom nutrients they were using before. It’s because Bud embodies the next level of nutrient brewing craftsmanship and quality. It represents our new-school plant nutrition philosophies that achieve the finest crop quality and yield. Quality farmers and world class plant breeders love The Heavy 16 Bud because of its simplicity, and its unique ability to express the desired traits of top genetics. Heavy 16 Bud does not require a long list of “add-ons”. “Simple and effective” is our motto when it comes to all of our products, yet still retaining ultra high quality and a craftsman level of detailing. Heavy 16 Bud has been representing this to the fullest from the beginning.

When getting into the nuts and bolts of what makes Heavy 16 Bud A & B tick, think about where the Veg leaves off and where the Bud will begin. As the Veg does all that its description entails, the Bud will take all those same attributes of building larger, more integrated roots, foliage, and vascular systems, and add to this a heightened fruit set and quality. The chemistry of Heavy 16 Bud contains the most plant bio-available versions of Phosphorous and Potassium plus micronutrients to ensure superior quality and yields. Exotic trace elements, natural high-grade chelators, and our multiple forms of Calcium back up the traditional mineral nutrition with a synergism that is second to none. It is because of this perfection in chemistry that you are able to run our select enhancers or your special additive regiment to achieve the highest quality crops possible.

To us, the flowering phase is the time to put all the structure you created in the Veg to work. We know that quality fruit comes from healthy plants that are put under a certain degree of stress as they fully senesce. It is the same idea as what makes fine wine grapes so fine. The vineyard example of this stress is not-so-simply achieved by the lack of rain for the final few months of maturation, so as to increase the complexity in the juice as it takes in the specific terroir with minimal water to dilute it. This same stress is achieved in hydroponics and soil media culture by increasing the concentration of nutrients in the irrigation water to the point of an incurred osmotic “drought” stress. The reason why Heavy 16 Bud is revolutionary in this process is because it was made in such a way as to correctly push the cellular limits of this stress while allowing for both complex and high quality nutrition to enter the plant. This allows you to increase the amount of dry matter (more yield), limit the amount of water weight (more density), increase the flavor and taste complexities (more quality), and ultimately become known as the highest quality grower around (you). We know the special derivatives blended into Heavy 16 Bud will give you the confidence to push your plants where others nutrients will fail you, because we designed it around this traditional scale of crop quality and used only the best natural and mineral derivatives for unheard-of balance and efficacy under pressure. Heavy 16 Bud is the true embodiment of the years of experience in the field that gave us respect for traditional ways while harnessing the current horticultural technology platform we are at. Just like any good farmer would.

Core ingredients for achieving this balance include:

  • Cascading delivery of both organic and mineral Calcium and micronutrients
  • Natural and superior chelation through our ultra-fine proprietary mix of organic acids
  • Exotic trace mineral suite allowing for superior oil content and flavonoid expression
  • High rates of Phosphorous and Potassium to ensure a significant, high quality harvest