FoxFarm Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer, 20 lbs


Encourages beneficial microbe populations needed for optimum growing conditions and helps soil naturally defend against harmful nematodes

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Marine Cuisine® is a powerful all-purpose fertilizer that blends fine ocean-based ingredients like crab meal, shrimp meal, seabird guano, and kelp, with low-sodium mineral plant foods to give your garden a quick boost and provide long-lasting, time-release nutrition.

This fertilizer is a power bar for your plants! Use it wherever you want lush flowers and delicious fruit, and try it on your most demanding trees and shrubs. Marine Cuisine® is an ideal fertilizer for flowers and vegetable gardens, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees, roses, container plants, and lawns. Marine Cuisine® is truly Seafood for your Garden!®

For best results, feed in early spring and midsummer and mulch in spring and fall with our FoxFarm Original Planting Mix or Happy Frog® Soil Conditioner.

Weight20.2 lbs
Dimensions11.1 × 6.9 × 13.3 in


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